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These smiling eyes have dreams as beautiful as the hope to be able to touch the heights and embark on the journey to success. Lets join hands and build a stairway to their bright future. Lets help them discover the light within themselves. Lets spread hope.


Have you ever looked into the eyes of children knocking at your car window and wondered what glimmers in those eyes exactly?

Is it the burning potential within them that is trying to reach us through their eyes? Or is it the passion within them that is left undiscovered? Is it the ability to touch the sky that is shining through these eyes? Or is it the undying hope calling out to us?

It is so much that is trapped within these children, so much potential that suffocates and dies within the closed boundaries of affordability and status.

There is so much life that these children never get to witness, so many memories they never get a chance to make, so many achievements they are deprived of.

And the worst part is that it is not their fault. They did not get to choose their life, but they get to change it and it is through us. We are the ones they attach their hopes to, the ones who can alter their destinies and remove the obstacles in the way of their education.

Would you want to stay wondering why every time seeing these little hands begging hurts, or would you actually hand a pencil in these hands? The decision is yours. But the hope is theirs. Every time we kill the hope in their eyes, we bury an innocent dream with it. But every time we lead this hope to a classroom, it gives birth to a new dream, the dream to live a life that is well deserved, a life that is unbounded by the lack of privileges.

The choice is yours to make.


Our target is to support 4 classrooms for a complete yar.

Donation Options:

Class Support:
a. You can setup a monthly recurring donation payment of PKR 30,000 for atleast 12 months
b. You can donate PKR 360,000 for the whole year

Student Support:
a. You can setup a monthly recurring donation payment of PKR 1250 for atleast 12 months
b. You can donate PKR 15,000 for the whole year

Please Note:
You can also make a specific one-time donation 

Donation is Zakat applicable 

for any further details, please contact at the following number:

Abdullah Tahir 0309-4909567

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